Curriculum Opportunities

We pride ourselves on a wide range of curriculum opportunites for our students

It’s not the curriculum that we offer that sets us apart, it’s the manner in which it’s delivered

Any school can teach a curriculum. Amazing schools like ours is full of teachers actively and passionately exploring the possibilities of making their teaching practice more innovative, engaging and fun at every turn. This is the single ingredient that drives the most growth in our students.

The success we attain is not only evidenced by the assessment data – but it’s seen through the smiles and joy we see on our student’s faces as a concept is grasped. This is the indefinable element that drives us as teachers to produce and grow our own teaching skills year in, year out.

Student Wellbeing

At Rangeview Primary School we believe in the growth and development of the whole child. Education is about supporting students to reach their full potential in all areas of learning – including social and emotional development.


Our aim is to develop confident students who are lifelong readers and writers and competent communicators.


At Rangeview we aim for all children to be confident, creative users and communicators of Mathematics. Children are given lots of opportunities to explore and investigate Mathematics in their everyday lives.

Inquiry Learning

At Rangeview Primary School we take pride in our student-centred learning where the natural process of inquiry allows students to determine a starting point in their knowledge and build on this to develop information processing and problem-solving skills.

Physical Education

At Rangeview Primary School, we believe that Physical Education should provide opportunities for students to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to lead a physically active lifestyle.

Maths Specialist

At Rangeview we are proud to offer a dedicated Maths Specialist program that brings an extra layer of excitement and depth to our students; Mathematical learning.

The Arts

The Visual Arts program at Rangeview encourages the development of imagination, creativity and skills in students by exploring ideas and experimenting with a range of art forms. 


STEM is a learning approach integrating the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that prepares students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Languages (German)

All students from Foundation to Level 6 are involved in the German Program. Students visit the German room for a 45-minute lesson each week, where they are immersed in the German language.


The school library is large in area, well appointed and abundantly resourced. It has a reading area, teaching area, and staff office area. Currently all students access this service for a 45 minute literacy teaching session once a week

Flora & Fauna

The Flora and Fauna program is available to Grade 3 students and provides real-life context for learning where students learn the theories and practices behind growing, harvesting, cultivating and cooking seasonal food.

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