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Meet Our Staff

At the top of the list when measuring the quality of a school has to be the quality of the teaching staff. We are beyond fortunate to have a team of teachers and support staff truly dedicated to positive outcomes for all children.

Meet our staff below!

Marika Ferguson – Principal

I joined the school in 2017 as an Assistant Principal and feel very honoured and privileged to have taken on the position of Principal from the beginning of 2022. Prior to Rangeview, I was an Assistant Principal at a mental health special school and I have a background in psychology, transitions and special education. 

Here at Rangeview we embed the values of Respect, Responsibility, Teamwork and Learning. In addition to this we are beginning to embrace the 24 character strengths. We explicitly teach the Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships curriculum and we celebrate diversity in every classroom. I am proud of the warm, inclusive and positive behaviour shown by our students in our classrooms every day. 

Marika Ferguson

Kate McLeod – Assistant Principal: Teaching & Learning Excellence

As Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning Excellence, I am privileged to work closely with our dedicated staff to continually improve practice and deliver an innovative curriculum with a focus on growth and success for every student in a supportive and productive learning environment.

I joined Rangeview in 2014 and I am a proud member of our school community. Away from school I savour time with my family, our many pets and my friends. I enjoy renovating, gardening, watching netball and football.

Kate McLeod

Liam Sommers – Assistant Principal: Wellbeing & Engagement

I had the privilege of joining Rangeview at the beginning of 2022 as an Assistant Principal – and I’ve loved every minute at this wonderful school so far! One of my roles is to support our school community in the area of student wellbeing and engagement, as well as lead our Program for Students with Disabilities. I am very passionate about a ‘wellbeing first’ approach. Previously, I was a Leading Teacher at Croydon Hills.

I love supporting students to develop a growth mindset and the willingness to give everything a go. I’m a firm believer in the motto “It’s better to try and fail, than never try at all.” Outside of school, I love spending time with my family and I enjoy all sports, especially football, soccer and golf.

Liam Sommers

Office Administration

Our team believe that the staff, families and students of Rangeview are what make our school a wonderful place to learn and experience many opportunities.  We take pride in supporting families, students and staff in many ways. As a Business Manager, Jo understands the importance of supporting families to meet the financial commitments of the programs the school offers while ensuring we are able to commit to maintaining our facilities and grounds.

The office team assist in organising important events, activities and excursions and communicate to families via Compass, our fortnightly newsletter and general notices. The team have families and children who range in age from toddlers, through to primary aged children and adults, and so appreciate the importance of being supportive and caring school staff members. This is particularly shown through our role in offering support to students through first aid, which is managed by qualified RN Karen Smith.

Joanna Davidson

Kim Winters

Renee Coram

Sally Marion

Karen Smith
School Nurse


Our Foundation team consists of highly dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, each bringing their own particular skills and experience to the team. We work collaboratively to provide an engaging and stimulating program, which caters for each individual learner. 

As a team, we find it a privilege to be part of our students’ lives. We find it particularly rewarding seeing the positive progress each child makes toward achieving their personal learning goals. It’s always a joy to celebrate their learning with them. 

Outside of school, we collectively enjoy a range of activities, from spending time outdoors to enjoying music events, and from participating in sporting endeavours to spending time with our families.  

Carol Wilson

Kyla Petrilli

Kirilee Bell

Rebecca McJannet

Chloe Tomkins

Natalie Bellis

Year 1

Welcome to Level 1 at Rangeview Primary School! We are a friendly team dedicated to teaching your children in a warm and nurturing environment. We encourage independence in our students and celebrate each and every success.

It’s great to see the children all learning together in different ways, and we are so grateful for all the parent (and wider community) help and support we receive. Even though we are all different, we all aim high for our students.

Nicole Robertson

Jen Bonte

Lee Giddings

Dale Bateup

Melissa O’Brien

Year 2

We work closely together to offer a wide range of learning experiences for our students. We make students feel valued in a safe and happy environment. Caring for each student is a priority for us. Students are encouraged to achieve their best through hands-on learning that challenges their thinking.

Students practise strategies for early literacy and numeracy learning in many different ways. The assistance of parents to help with our home reading program is highly valued. As teachers, we share our own leisure interests and experiences with the students such as football, basketball, golf, bike rides, travel and favourite recipes. 

Khay Le

Linda Giardino

Marianne Kehoe

Hannah Ambrose

Marita Horvath

Learning Specialist

Megan Taylor

Year 3

The Level 3 team is made up of a group of highly enthusiastic and dedicated teachers. We create a safe and engaging classroom learning community where our students are able to achieve their best. We provide an array of different opportunities for our students to develop socially, emotionally and academically, working independently and learning to work collaboratively as part of a group.

Our unique Flora and Fauna program helps our students to become global citizens. Through this program, students participate in cooking, gardening, healthy eating, and conservation/environmental rotations. We enjoy watching and helping our students to mature throughout the year.

Luke McDonald

Danielle Anderson

Vicki Tzimos

Amber Keramidas

Steve Atkinson

Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 Team at Rangeview!

We have fabulous teachers in our level. We all love creating a fun and enjoyable classroom environment where all the students are excited to learn, feel safe and take pride in their work. We take every opportunity to help our students grow socially, emotionally and academically – whilst also developing a great sense of character.

The most exciting event is our Year 4 Camp! We love working together and you can often find us chatting and laughing with our students and parents at the end of the day outside our classrooms.

Karen Hastie

Anju Mehta

Ashleigh Cormack

Steph Wood

Steve Atkinson

Year 5/6

Our team really enjoy teaching Year 5/6 students as it allows us to work closely with them to further develop their leadership skills, and also begin preparing them for high school. There is nothing more rewarding than working with Year 5/6 students as they learn, grow, set and achieve their goals.

We provide meaningful opportunities to allow students to grow as citizens to help them transition smoothly into high school. The Year 5 and Year 6 camps are also a true highlight of the year! It is extremely satisfying guiding and supporting our students and seeing all of the wonderful qualities they display.

April Warfield

Learning Specialist

Kate Wallis

Sam Anderson

Kelly James

Josh Godwin

David Torr

Tegan Cant

Meg Hubbard

Natalie Morrissey

Lisa Janes

Physical Education

The main goal of the Physical Education program is to develop students’ fundamental motor and movement skills, general fitness and also discover interests that will then allow students to participate in sports outside of school. We also want students to  understand the important role that Physical Education and Sport can play in a students’ social and emotional development.

School values are also taught through our Physical Education program – we aim to develop life skills such as; teamwork and sportsmanship, while showing respect to both their teammates and opposition, accept winning and losing and to take responsible for their actions. 

Mitch Clark

Meg Hubbard

Visual Arts

We have such a wonderful Visual Arts program at Rangeview!

The main goal of Visual Arts at Rangeview is for each child to embrace their inner artist and develop confidence and competence as an artist. The program is designed to allow personal growth within different art mediums and to develop understandings about the importance of art in our lives.

Deirdree Geilings

Melissa O’Brien

Performing Arts

Rangeview’s Performing Arts Program is taught by two teachers, Megan Campbell and Sam Anderson.

The Performing Arts program encourages the development of imagination, creativity and skills in students through singing, dancing, drama, composition and playing a variety of instruments. The program aims to develop a love and appreciation for music and performance in every child, regardless of experience and skill level. 

Megan Campbell

Sam Anderson


It is very rewarding to teach German to students at Rangeview, and to foster an enjoyment for language learning. There are just so many wonderful benefits of learning another language, including boosting students’ brainpower, enhancing problem solving, literacy and numeracy skills, opening the doors to many overseas work and travel opportunities, as well as fostering tolerance and respect for other cultures and ways of life. 

Students at Rangeview visit the German room every week and engage in a variety of language learning experiences to develop their language skills in fun and meaningful ways, including stories, games, songs, craft and cultural activities, audio-visual programs and role-plays.

Ulrike Lindner

Helga Shaw

Megan Taylor

Learning Enrichment

This year, we are running an additional Learning Enrichment program. We love getting into all of the classrooms across the school and further developing all students’ understanding in a range of areas!

Across the year, the Enrichment program allows us to delve deeper into mathematics, literacy, inquiry and digi tech skills from Foundation through to Year 6. The lessons are strongly tailored to each level and we love having the opportunity to build positive relationships with students right across the school. 

April Warfield

Ryan Evans

Jackie Moran


We are very proud to work with a range of students across the school who may require some additional support, or extension, with their learning.

The aim of the tutoring program is to target individual needs and differentiate the curriculum to ensure our students develop a strong, rounded understanding of the content.

Tania Balderston

Leading Teacher

Meg Hubbard

Megan Taylor

E.A.L. (English as an Additional Language)

In this role, we are privileged to work with small groups of students who have recently arrived in Australia or speak another language at home. We are passionate about supporting students develop their English skills and the ability to positively interact and communicate with others at school and in their community.

Milaflor Arcenas

Education Support Staff

At Rangeview Primary School, we have a widely skilled group of amazing Education Support Staff.

We are highly trained in a range of interventions and support strategies to assist students and teachers in the classrooms. Collectively we are very passionate about the care we provide for our students and their families.

Claire Pape

Moira Mugnier

Catherine O’Keefe

Amelia Davies

Alex Campbell

Sue Hargrave

Karen Holmes

Renee Elleray

Mandy Cooke

Angela Francia

Hua Chang

Heidi Slattery

Tara Fidler

Olivia Choi

Kim Haby

Liam Parkins

Michelle Gonzalez

Flora & Fauna

Students in Level 3 are fortunate enough to participate in our Flora and Fauna program.  One of the activities that is included as part of the program is Cooking. Each week, we meet in the gallery kitchen and after running through our kitchen safety rules, we move onto cooking! Recipes are developed to make the most of the produce that is in season and available in our school vegetable gardens.  Not only do students get to learn basic cooking skills and try different foods, we also learn about sustainability, growing our own food and using that in our cooking.  

Catherine O’Keefe

Library Technician

I have been a parent at Rangeview for a number of years, I am now also the Library Technician. Please come and visit me in the library and enjoy the world of books. 

Lynette Ellis

Social Worker

I work one day a week at Rangeview, and I love being involved supporting student wellbeing. I work with students on areas like their social skills, development of resilience and mindfulness strategies, and I run initiatives such as the Peaceful Kids Program.

Natalie Powell

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